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Car Insurance

Car Insurance Aggregator. Compare, Buy and Manage Your Insurance Policies and Receipts.

Kweeder compares the best car insurance offers in the markets and provides you professional advice when is time to buy. Buy your car insurance with Kweeder and manage all your policies and receipts in one single place directly from your home.

How it works?

Finding the best insurance is simple with Kweeder. Fill the form with accurate information so we can provide you a quote adjusted to your personal circumstances. Use the filters to find the most convenient solution for you. The quotes provided are indicative. Our partners will always try to improve the offer.

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Fill the form

Please fill the form with accurate data so we can provide you real insurance quotes based on your personal circumstances. Incorrect information will generate misleading car insurance quotes.

Refine your results

Refine the simulation results, using the easy to use filters, by selecting the insurance characteristics you are looking to buy.

Buy your insurance

Now you have all the necessary information to buy the most suitable insurance policy for you! Click BUY and our partner will contact you to purchase the insurance and answer any questions you might have.

Compare the prices and coverages from the best car insurance providers.

In less than 2 minutes and from home compare the prices and characteristics from the best insurance offers in the market.

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A dedicated team to help you to find the best insurance policy.

Team of professionals willing to help you to find the best insurance solution for you. Buy your insurance through Kweeder and have direct access to your account manager to support you on a day to day of your insurance policy.

Say goodbye to the paper.

Say goodbye to the paper. With Kweeder, you can manage and control all your policies and receipts online. You just need to contract your insurance with us and register at Kweeder.

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Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to obtain an insurance contract online?

Yes, it is possible to make a valid insurance contract online and/or by phone. In the same way as an in-person contract, the conclusion of a contract online or by phone, requires your terms and condition acceptance as well the confirmation from the insurance company.

How do I make my payments if i make an online contract?

You can pay by direct debit, ATM or credit card. You can make your payments annually, quarterly or monthly. Depending of the insurance company you might have additional discounts if you pay annually or by direct debit.

Who can make contracts? Do I need to be the main driver?

Everyone with Category B driving license can make a car insurance. The insured does not need to be the main driver of the vehicle. When you contract your insurance policy you might include additional drivers.

When does the insurance come into effect?

Once paid, the insurance policy becomes active from midnight on the following day.

How to proceed in case of an acident?

In case of an accident you should inform your insurance company as soon as possible. If there are personal injuries you should contact the local authorities, the PSP or GNR. If you required support from you insurance broker, just login into your Kweeder personal area here. In your personal area you will find your insurance broker and account manager contact details, as well information about your policy.

Is there a deadline for the casualty payment?

This will depend on the type of event. If it is just body repair, the insurance companies will authorize it in around two or three days after they have received the favourable deliberation from insurance expert towards the reparation. In the event of full compensation, insurance companies have a deadline up to 30 days to proceed with the payment, from the moment they receive all relevant documentation

Can I cancel my insurance?

If you need to cancel your insurance, you should get in direct contact with your insurance company's customer support team or contact your insurance broker. Your account manager contact details are available here, in your Kweeder personal area.

If a friend of mine drives the vehicle and crashes, does the insurance cover it?

As long your friend in not the main driver of the car, generally the insurance company will cover it. But if it is proven that your friend drives the vehicle regularly, the insurance company will not cover it.

Make your simulation, compare the different offers on the market and talk to a collaborator if you have any doubts.